Internal Communication

We provide a variety of activities to raise environmental awareness of our employees and their families.

Environmental Education

In order to recognize and implement the importance of environmental management for daily operations and lives, we encourage all employees from new employees to management positions to receive practical environmental training throughout Toshiba Tec Group. We annually provide environmental training for all employees, by position and specialty.

Education for All Employees

We annually provide e-learning training on general knowledge and trends in the environmental as well as the overall environmental management of Toshiba Tec Group for all employees.

Education for All Employees

Training by Position

We provide training on Toshiba Tec Group's environmental management for all employees including management and non-management positions along with new employees. We encourage all employees by position to deepen their understanding of Toshiba Tec Group's environmental knowledge, such as the Basic Policy for the Environment, environment-related laws and regulations, action plan, environmental management system and environmental audit.

Training by Specialty

We encourage internal auditors, particular employees, inspectors and development/design engineers to gain specific knowledge for their responsibilities and roles.

Training by Position and Specialty

Education according to Position and Specialty

Toshiba Tec’s Environmental Event

Environmental Seminar


A member of Toshiba’s Corporate Environment Management Division was invited to give a seminar on proper waste disposal to people responsible for the disposal of waste, involved in legal services, and logistics, and those in charge of ISO 14001 from Toshiba Tec and its group companies.

Lecture on Environmental Awareness

Lecture on Environmental Awareness

This lecture was held in the environmental month, as part of educational campaigns to enhance each employee’s environmental awareness. A guest speaker gave a lecture on environmental management and its latest trends.

Environmental Activities at Each Site

Initiatives at Shizuoka Business Center

Environmental publicity work in company

Corporate communications

At Shizuoka Business Center, we issue "environmental news" every month. The news is distributed by e-mail or posted on the bulletin board, allowing employees to share with their family members. Through the news, we request employees to cooperate in carrying out environmental activities, such as environmental management and power saving.

  • *IMS: Integrated Management System

Toshiba Tec Information Systems (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (China)

Internal Corporate Communications

We at Toshiba Tec Information Systems (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (China) release environmental news in Chinese and Japanese. We deliver the news that covers environment-related information, such as tree-planting activities, to relevant divisions.

Environmental News (in Chinese)

Environmental News (in Chinese)

Environmental News (in Japanese)

Environmental News (in Japanese)

Activities utilizing in-house newsletter HARMONY

To foster awareness toward the SDGs in the company, the relevance of past environmental activities to the SDGs was explained in the in-house newsletter HARMONY, as part of initiatives to utilize the newsletter.