Toshiba Tec Group’s Management Principle

The Toshiba Tec Group has been moving forward on the long path of innovation.
From now on, each employee of the Group will place further emphasis on “Our Five Commitments” as our action guidelines, and strive to create a better future by sharing our Vision with our customers, society, partners and all our Group employees.

Toshiba Tec Group’s Management Principle

Corporate Philosophy

Create with You

-Keeping our customers in mind all the time and everywhere-


Impress the world
Delight our everyday life
Discover your inspiration

We are transforming the retail experience
We are transforming the workplace experience

Take pride and joy in your work
Embrace challenge as an opportunity
Commit to deliver “amazing”

Be the best customer-centric innovator

All for Wow!

Action Guidelines

Our Five Commitments

With our customers and partners,
we will provide new values in a timely manner.
We aim to provide timely products and services with reliable quality and functions as well as high user-friendliness, creating value with our customer in mind through our superior proprietary technology and in collaboration with the world's best partners.
With other group employees,
we will develop a professional team which seeks new challenges.
We want to foster an open and healthy corporate culture in which a strong professional team may tirelessly seek new challenges, by respecting the individuality of each employee, striving to promote each one's abilities, and implementing a fair and appropriate system of evaluation and rewards.
With communities,
we will help to realize a society where people can enjoy active lives.
We seek to contribute toward the development of a global society as a good corporate citizen, law-abiding and ethical, by fulfilling our responsibilities toward each country and community in which we operate and respecting local culture and history.
With everyone,
we will strive for a future that looks after the environment.
We put concern for the environment as a priority in all our business activities so as to protect people's safety and health as well as the world's natural resources.
With our shareholders’ expectations in mind,
we will carry out sound and transparent management.
We endeavor to maximize our corporate value, and on the basis of sound and transparent management, we strive to achieve appropriate profits and reserves, constantly seek to implement management innovation and energetically invest in research and development, among others, in order to meet the expectations of our shareholders.
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