Environmental Audit

Toshiba Group's Environmental Audit System

Since fiscal 1993, we have been conducting environmental audits in accordance with the comprehensive Environmental Audit System established by Toshiba to improve environmental management. Based on this audit system, we conduct corporate-wide environmental management audits, environmental audits of manufacturing and non-manufacturing sites, and environmental technology audits of products at business groups on an annual basis. In fiscal 2022, self-audit and remote audit were introduced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we implemented training for all auditors to enhance the compliance system and develop human resources.

* Toshiba Group's Environmental Audit System

Environmental Management Audit

Risk management

Emergency response

Photo of the emergency response training at Toshiba Tec Europe Imaging Systems S.A.

Emergency response training at
Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.

We establish the standards of action in case of emergency at environmental facilities, organize a system to take proper action, and periodically provide training at each business site and plant.

We provide training in the presence of the audit group even during the implementation of Toshiba Group's Environmental Audit System. We examine through training, whether actions are taken based on the procedures, and whether communication and measures are promptly and thoroughly performed.

We conduct careful prevention and management of soil pollution by soil investigation with observation wells, compliance with the Structural Design Guidelines for preventing chemicals and oils from scattering, flowing out or penetrating into underground, water quality monitoring at the final drain outlet, and installation of emergency shutoff valves.