Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal data

At Toshiba Tec Corporation ("Toshiba Tec "), we are committed to respecting your personal data and are recognizing the protection of your personal data as the foundation for our business activities and our social responsibility. Given the rapid development of the Internet and other information technologies in recent years, as well as the growing social demands for protecting personal data, Toshiba Tec has adopted the Privacy Policy for the handling of personal data.

For the EEA(European Economic Area) personal data, please refer to EU Personal Date Protection Policy.

Request to Visitors to and Users of Our Web Site

Toshiba Tec is not responsible for the security of your personal data on other Web sites that are linked to our Web site. We recommend that you carefully examine the privacy policies, privacy statements or the like whatever named, to ensure the security of your personal data. If a site does not include a privacy policy or the like, you may wish to directly contact the site administrator to confirm the site's privacy practices.

Privacy Policy

Toshiba Tec Corporation (''Toshiba Tec '') will observe the following privacy policy in its business activities, while recognizing the value and usefulness of personal data.

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations
    Toshiba Tec will comply with all laws and regulations related to personal data.
  2. Specification of use
    Whenever Toshiba Tec asks for personal information, it will specify in advance the purposes for which such information will be used, and will restrict the use to those purposes. If Toshiba Tec should ever need to use personal data for purposes other than those specified, it shall inform the individuals concerned of the additional purposes. Any individual may refuse to have personal data used for such additional purposes. Individuals who do not wish to provide Toshiba Tec with personal data can withhold consent, though doing so may prevent access to certain services that Toshiba Tec provides.
  3. Non-disclosure to third parties
    In principle, Toshiba Tec does not disclose or provide personal data to third parties, except in the following circumstances.

    1. 1.When express consent to do so is received from the person concerned.
    2. 2.When an inquiry concerning a product or service can be more appropriately handled by a Toshiba Tec subsidiary or affiliate which is responsible for that product or service.
    3. 3.When Toshiba Tec consigns such activities as promotional campaigns or competitions to other entities, in which case personal data is covered by the terms of a non-disclosure agreement.
    4. 4.When it is necessary to complete the settlement of payment for products ordered or services provided (e.g. providing information to financial institutions to facilitate credit card transactions, etc.)
    5. 5.When a judicial order or the like obliges Toshiba Tec to disclose personal date.
    6. 6.When business is transferred to another entity by way of a merger, corporate separation or otherwise.
  4. Inquiries

    Individuals who wish to confirm their personal data should contact the section responsible for the services where they input the information. Toshiba Tec will provide the personal data that it has when it has confirmed that the individual making the inquiry is the person concerned. This restriction applies to prevent leakage of personal data to third parties. When personal data contains errors or needs to be updated, Toshiba Tec will make the required changes, when it has confirmed that the individual making the request is the person concerned. This restriction applies to prevent the improper alteration of personal data by third parties.

  5. Security measures

    Toshiba Tec implements strict security measures to ensure that personal data is not improperly accessed, leaked, lost, destroyed or dishonestly altered by executing access control, introducing prevention program of unauthorized access and malicious program, and implementing physical access control or other measures.

  6. Implementation of the personal data protection management system

    Toshiba Tec, by assigning a person in charge at each of its relevant divisions and ensuring that all officers and employees recognize the importance of the Privacy Policy and other internal rules, diligently implements the personal data protection management system and strives to continuously review it for improvement.

Amended: April, 2022
Hironobu Nishikori
President and Chief Executive Officer

Intended Use of Personal Data

When Toshiba Tec obtains personal data from customers, Toshiba Tec clearly indicates in advance the purpose for which the personal data are intended to be used and uses the information within the scope of the stated purpose of use. When the need to use a customer's personal data for any purpose that goes beyond the stated purpose of use arises, Toshiba Tec notifies the customer to that effect and obtain the consent before using the information for such purpose. For more details, please refer to Intended Use of Personal Date.

Procedures for Requests for Disclosure

Toshiba Tec complies with the following requests from customers concerning the customer's personal data held by Toshiba Tec : 1) Request for disclosure; 2) Request for notification of the intended purpose; 3) Request for correction; 4) Request for addition; 5) Request for deletion; and 6) Request for cessation of use or cessation of disclosing to third parties. Please refer to Procedures concerning Requests for Disclosure for request forms (in writing) and other details.

Please note that there is a fee charged for requests for disclosure and requests for notification of the intended use.

Inquiries Concerning Personal Data

  1. Customers should direct inquiries concerning their personal data to the business group with which they have registered the information (in the case of a website, with the organization administering the site). <Inquiry List(Please note another window.)>
  2. Inquiries about the Personal Data Protection Policy in general or inquiries when the point of contact is unclear should be directed to Personal Date Protection division(Please note another window.).

Other Matters

  1. This Personal Data Protection Policy applies to personal data held by Toshiba Tec Corporation in Japan. The policy does not apply to Toshiba Tec 's affiliates in Japan or to overseas subsidiaries.
  2. Please note that some services provided by Toshiba Tec (including services offered on websites operated by Toshiba Tec ) may not be available if the customer does not provide personal data.
  3. Children under 16 years should provide personal data only after obtaining the consent of a parent or guardian.
  4. Toshiba Tec may record telephone calls received at customer information centers and elsewhere to ensure that we listen attentively to comments or requests from customers.
  5. Toshiba Tec uses cookies and web beacons to provide better services on our websites. For details, please refer to Use of Cookies, Web Beacons and Other Technologies.
  6. Toshiba Tec disclaim any responsibility for the security of customers' personal data used on third parties' websites that are linked to Toshiba Tec websites.
  7. Toshiba Tec provides information on important changes and notices on this page. Please refer to Information.
  8. From time to time Toshiba Tec may revise the Personal Data Protection Policy to better protect customers' personal data or to comply with changes in the applicable laws and regulations.