Business Introduction

For all our customers, a solution one step ahead

For us, "customers" include not only companies that operate in the retail distribution, restaurant, logistics and manufacturing industries, but also people who visit shops, staff who work in the field, and all members of the supply chain, including offices, warehouses, and factories.
In order to create optimal value for each and every customer, we aim to be one step ahead of the times based on the core technologies we have cultivated.

  • Retail Solutions
  • Workplace Solutions
  • Inkjet Solutions
  • ODM Solutions

“Empowering the Art of Retail”

Each business has a unique approach to delight customers, and doing that successfully is an art. Every day, all over the world, Toshiba Tec empowers retailers by partnering with them to achieve enjoyable commerce with solutions that inspire the future of customers.

Improving the Experience

In store, at home or online, shoppers expect a concierge-like service that provides a dynamic seamless journey with useful and timely information such as product specifications or inventory to satisfy their needs. One of the major factors in purchase behavior in recent years is digital touchpoints – particularly mobile – and its influence continues to grow.
Retailers who invest in flexible and innovative technology to know, educate and influence their customer can enable personalized and hassle-free experiences, such as order online, pick-up in store and pay in-aisle or at a kiosk, ensure a greater appreciation for the store's brand.

Keep Them Coming Back

Today's shoppers are demanding more consistent and unified shopping experiences. Real-time insight into customer demand and allowing for the personalization of the shopping journey, powered by world-class analytics, lets stores build stronger relationships and generate customer loyalty. Enhancing customer engagement enables the store brand to become indispensable, leading to increased sales.

Retail Solutions

TOGETHER COMMERCE-Powering the Changing Face of Retail


TOGETHER COMMERCE is Toshiba's vision for retail consumer engagement. It captures both the changing face of global retail and the way Toshiba is helping retailers adapt their strategies, their stores and their technology to support a seamless, more customer centric shopping experience.
Customers can and will engage with retailers across multiple channels – and they expect a seamless and natural experience whether they're online, on their Smartphone or in the store.
TOGETHER COMMERCE is all about delivering this seamless participatory experience. It's about a shift from "selling" to "buying." It's about providing a platform where in-store interactions are as natural and fluid as consumers expect online.
It's about the retailer and customer working together, learning together and benefiting together.

Self & Assisted Checkout Solutions with So Many Ways to Pay

Toshiba has solutions to keep you and your shoppers happy. Our experts will help you speed checkout, optimize floor space and improve cash management and data security through front-end optimization utilizing traditional self-checkout or fully automated checkout. Concurrently Toshiba's experts bring the proven payment solutions you and your shoppers need. Count on us for complete end-to-end solutions because every second counts for retailers and shoppers.

Global Services

Extending the Value of Your Investment

At Toshiba, every retail engagement is about making brilliant commerce real through services to enable new revenue streams for the retailer, equip retailers with the tools and technologies to optimize security and productivity, and quickly and reliably resolve any issues arising from day-to-day operations. We accelerate value with holistic solutions and comprehensive service capabilities. Retailers can rely on Toshiba's extensive experience to ensure their in-store equipment is optimized for today's fast-paced shopping environment.

Extending the Value of Your Investment

Toshiba Tec is the world's most trusted provider of industry-targeted solutions that help increase the value of ideas and information.

Toshiba Tec helps businesses and organizations to enhance their operational and financial performance and to improve their eco-efficiency by transforming the way they capture, manage, display and share information. Operating across multiple industries, Toshiba Tec delivers solutions and services founded on the knowledge and experience of a global team of experts and a comprehensive portfolio of reliable, innovative technology.



TOGETHER INFORMATION is Toshiba's vision for how people and organizations create, record, share, manage and display ideas and data.
It is based on our belief that the most successful organizations are those that communicate information in the most effective way.
We make that possible through an integrated portfolio of industry-specific solutions, all of which reflect Toshiba's commitment to the future of the planet.

The Managed Print Experts with Environment-friendly Solutions

As the Managed Print Experts, we've combined our people and our technology to help our customers cut costs, secure their documents and work more efficiently. Toshiba Tec listens and then takes control of your working environment, and depending upon individual needs, suggests solutions for every part of your business involved within the document lifecycle.
The managed print/document services (MPS/MDS) do more than just help our customers save money; they also reduce environmental impacts and help save the planet. Since Toshiba Tec has integrated our Barcode Label printing systems (BCSs) and Energy Management Services into MPS/MDS as well as our environment-friendly solutions, Toshiba's ECO-MPS/ MDS is a perfect fit for replacing existing MPS/MDS installations with sustainable future solutions.

Achieving the "Completely Smart Work Style"

Toshiba's multi-function peripherals (MFPs) have been planned and developed with "Together Information" in mind – our commitment to collaborate with clients to provide tailored, cost-effective solutions while helping them to meet their green objectives. Understanding that every industry has unique needs, we integrated state-of-the-art and customizable technology into the MFP line to make it possible to easily integrate solution application into users' workflow process.

The World's First Monochrome MFP with Erasable Print Function

Toshiba's paper reusing system allows users to reuse paper over and over again thanks to an erasable print function. Users can print in standard monochrome output for documents that need to be saved such as materials for external use and in erasable blue toner for internal materials such as faxes on a single machine. The e-STUDIO3508LP/4508LP/5008LP multifunction system equipped with this feature does more than revolutionize workflows; it also minimizes paper consumption, paper purchasing costs and environmental load. The optional paper reusing device can also digitize documents for electronic archiving before erasing the toner, eliminating the need to store in paper format and realizing the ideal cycle for digital data.

Accurate Performance & Compelling Value

Innovative Barcode and RFID information processing systems and sensing technologies contribute to a more efficient overall supply chain and better customer service. We've combined our Auto-ID knowledge, our extensive R&D and critical "voice of customer" feedback with the exceptional qualities of our market-leading industrial printer range to design and manufacture a thermal printer series with enhanced performance, serviceability and truly green credentials.

Digital Signage Services

Toshiba's mission is to provide fully managed content and communication solutions that deliver the right message to the right place, at the right time and the best price. In addition to a wide array of Workplace Solutions, Toshiba provides Digital Signage Services that include indoor and outdoor digital displays, video walls, interactive touch panels, quick service restaurant (QSR) menu boards and custom-designed interactive customer experiences – all supported by powerful end-to-end technology platforms for managing content and best-in-breed equipment.

New Cross-domain One-stop Service Structure

Previously, individual service representatives dealt with maintenance service for each product such as POS or MFP. We have now established a framework that integrates the retail and printing service domains in which the same service representative can handle maintenance service for both service domains.
Going forward, we will look to drive further integration of maintenance and service organizations and expand the service we provide from hardware maintenance to IT-related services and consulting. By doing so, we aim to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

*1 Professional Services: Enhance and Integrate Application, Customized Application
*2 Managed IT Services: Managed Print Services, Total IT Implementation Services, Remote Monitoring/Management Services

Toshiba Tec is proud to have received the "BLI Pick Award" for outstanding performance Multifunction Peripheral (MFP) e-STUDIO4518A and the "Better Buys Innovative Product Award" for high quality and innovated MFP e-STUDIO5015AC.

Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. won the "BLI PaceSetter Award" for Logistics, which recognized the companies that offer the most impressive portfolios for customers in the logistics market.

Meeting Diverse Printing Needs across the Spectrum

Inkjet technology extends beyond use in the traditional fields of documents and graphics to enable high-quality printing on materials of different quality and shape. Toshiba Tec's inkjet solutions meet printing demands in a wide range of fields and help create new value for customers with inherent quality and reliability.

Realizing the Industry's Only 300npi/row esolution in a Re-circulating Type Inkjet Printhead in Which Ink is Re-circulated near the Nozzles


Inkjet printheads, a key device for inkjet printers, enable printing on objects without direct contact with them.
The inkjet printheads developed, manufactured and sold by Toshiba Tec play an indispensable role in rapidly evolving printing technology on account of exceptional image quality and reliability.
The latest CF3R printhead realizes advanced stability in ink jetting and low environmental burden. A single head can print one color at a resolution of 600 nozzles per inch (npi) as well as two colors at a resolution of 300npi, which helps reduce the footprint of the printer.

Inkjet Solutions
Toshiba Tec’s sales managers communicate directly with customers to verify needs and then devise proposals to resolve any issues. We provide inkjet heads as well as peripheral equipment such as ink re-circulation devices as part of our inkjet solutions for customers looking to launch or expand their business. We also offer support on a technical front and business assistance as one with the customer.

Examples of applications in industrial fields

There are high expectations for use of Toshiba Tec's inkjet printhead technology in many industrial fields, from outdoor signs to product labels and packaging, as well as cardboards, an area of growing demand in line with advancements in logistics.

  • Graphics

  • Logistics materials

  • Packaging materials

ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer, providing customers with all-round services in research and development, products-oriented design and manufacturing. We design, build and service world-class turnkey ODM solutions for best-in-class small and medium-sized enterprises. We deliver state of the art ODM products to key players in various industries. With given expected functions and performance of products or even conception, we bring the conception into reality.

Printing Technology

We develop several kinds of printer modules with our core technology.

Terminal Technology

We develop terminals for industries utilizing our know-how as a global leading supplier of retail products.

Self-service Kiosks

Technical Services

We provide world-class services to tier one customers in each field. Such service offerings extend not only to market centric designs, top in class product qualification regulatory approvals, but also new product introduction activities to ensure smooth manufacturing operations and service support.

  • Detail design, drawings, PCB schematic and layout design
  • Proof of concept and prototype making
  • Design form manufacturing for parts and assembly
  • Qualification service of development products
  • Global agencies application consultation, application and upgrade

The Toshiba Tec Group covers the entire world

Through our global service locations, Toshiba Tec offers a wide range of products and solutions that can meet the different needs of our customers in various parts of the world, thus contributing to the maximization of our customers' profits. We offer a one-stop solution to support your global business development by establishing the best possible system to support you in each phase, including planning, introduction and maintenance.