Corporate Governance

Aiming to Continuously Improve Corporate Value

Toshiba Tec Corporation is committed to taking measures related to corporate governance while ensuring thorough transparency of sustainability and reinforcing the functions for the board of directors and Audit & Supervisory Board.

In terms of the corporate body, when introducing the executive officer system under the Audit & Supervisory Board Members system, with the intention of separating "functions related to supervision and decision making" from "functions related to task enforcement," as well as rightsizing the number of directors, Toshiba Tec Corporation focuses on improvements in promptness along with mobility. In addition, four independent outside directors and two independent outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members are assigned, and the two-year director's term is reduced to a year.

The Executive Officers appointed by the Board of Directors carry out task enforcement in accordance with the basic management policy and important matters decided by the Board of Directors.
With regard to management supervision, the Directors oversee business execution, the Corporate Auditors conduct audits, the outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members control accounting audits, and the Corporate Audit Division performs internal audits.
Furthermore, Toshiba Tec Corporation has established a Nomination Committee and Compensation Committee under the Board of Directors, and developed a system under which the appropriate involvement and advice of Outside Directors can be obtained in order to strengthen the independence, objectivity, and accountability of the functions of the Board of Directors pertaining to the nomination of candidates to be Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members as well as the appointment or dismissal of the President and CEO, etc., and the compensation for the Directors and Executive Officers.

Corporate Governance Structure

chart of corporate Governance structure