Special FeatureSDGs x Toshiba Tec

Toshiba Tec, we are working hard to contribute to the SDGs through our business and corporate activities.
In this special feature, we will introduce Toshiba Tec’s views in relation to the SDGs, exactly what initiatives we are tackling, and our products that contribute to the achievement of these goals.


Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs is an abbreviation of Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, the SDGs refer to 17 goals to improve the world that were agreed upon by the 193 member states of the United Nations at a summit in 2015.

There were also a set of goals which preceded the SDGs, namely the Millennium Development Goals or MDGs. The MDGs were a series of eight goals to achieve by 2015, primarily focused on the elimination of extreme poverty and starvation, and while some progress was made, the target was limited to developing countries, and private companies were somewhat indifferent.
The content of the MDGs was inherited by the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and the SDGs became a rather large and comprehensive set of goals to solve social issues worldwide, targeting not just developing countries, but developed countries too. At Davos 2017, it was concluded that the SDGs would also provide new opportunities for corporate management to develop.

Nations, institutions, and companies around the world are making great efforts to preserve the earth’s bountiful nature and resources for the future, and to create a world where everyone can live happily, and no one is left behind.

As a solutions partner that contributes to the resolution of issues in stores, offices, logistics, and manufacturing, Toshiba Tec will work with its customers to promote initiatives aimed at achieving the SDGs.

This is a convenient application that allows customers to receive and manage receipts on their smartphone in an electronic form instead of a conventional paper version. This solves the problems such as bulging wallets and difficult management that visitors to stores have been suffering, at the same time as cutting costs for stores and helping reduce the burden on the environment.
The use of coupon and stamp card features is also expected to improve footfall and customer satisfaction.

Loops is a system which is able to print and erase on standard copy paper, allowing it to be reused. A single machine can be set such that it provides traditional monochrome printing for documents to be presented to customers or to be saved, as well as erasable printing for receiving faxes or internal documents such as check sheets, so without any change to existing workstyles, the amount of paper used for printing can be reduced. It is also capable of digitizing documents as it erases them, helping prevent papers from piling up, and realizing an ideal cycle of paper documents and electronic data.