CEO Message

We will contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society through effective use of data

Hironobu Nishikori
President and Chief Executive Officer

Hironobu Nishikori

For Sustainable Growth

With the support of our stakeholders, Toshiba Tec marks its 70th anniversary in 2020. Over this long period of time, our business continued to create new values to the best of our ability in line with changes in society and technological innovations, thanks to our customers and partners. On the other hand, the recent environment surrounding us, including cashless and paperless trends, is changing significantly day by day. There are many issues, including dealing with COVID-19, that may not be solved by continuing conventional measures.In such a business environment, we need to review our operation processes and cost structure and make investments in growth fields to achieve sustainable growth. To this end, the Retail Solutions Business in Japan is proactively making investments in adjacent fields (settlement, supply chain management (SCM), and data services), and the Overseas Retail Solutions Business and Printing Solutions Business are promoting conversion of the earnings structure by implementing structural reform and transformation to improve profitability.

Operating Results for Fiscal 2019

Net sales in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020 (fiscal 2019) increased by 2% from the previous fiscal year to 483,799 million yen, as sales of POS systems in the Japanese market grew despite a decline in sales of POS systems and Digital Multifunction Peripherals (MFPs) for overseas markets due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the negative effect of the foreign exchange rate. Operating profit decreased by 22% year on year to 13,977 million yen, ordinary profit decreased by 30% to 11,559 million yen, and profit attributable to owners of parent decreased by 67% year on year to 3,730 million yen, reflecting deteriorated income from POS systems and MFPs for the overseas markets due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign exchange losses arising between currencies of emerging countries and the U.S. dollar, and partial reversal of deferred tax assets, although POS systems for the Japanese market registered a significant sales increase.

Sharing Visions with All Stakeholders

Society is globally facing a multitude of issues including tackling COVID-19 and worldwide environmental issues such as climate change and micro-plastic pollution. For the Company to realize sustainable growth in this business environment, we need to formulate a long-term vision that reflects a profound thought of what we can pass down to the next generation. I would like to formulate a 10-year vision that illustrates what we aspire to be in 10 years, and plan our five-year and three-year goals based on that vision.The 10-year vision leads to the answer to the question of how we will contribute to society. Therefore, I feel that sharing the vision with all stakeholders is necessary to ensure our sustainable growth.

Diversity Nurtured with Respect and Trust

I believe that respect and trust are important foundations of communication especially given the increasingly complex and serious nature of the issues faced by global society. It goes without saying that countries and regions around the world have diverse histories and cultures, inhabited by people with diverse values and customs. Respecting and trusting people are the path to developing a better relationship with communities and business partners and the first step to understanding and accepting diversity.

Effectively Utilize Data and Contribute to a Better Society

In our seven-decade history, we have accumulated “Monozukuri,” or the technology of manufacturing, and a high share in the retail market boasting a network of partner companies primarily in retailing, manufacturing, and logistics. I believe that we shall gather data dispersed in the frontline of businesses in various domains from stakeholders with a shared vision based on a relationship of deep trust, and digitize them into useful formats, to provide them to customers with an expanded scope of solutions to meet their problems. This would lead to solving the issues faced by the society. We will contribute to achieving a sustainable society by effectively utilizing data relating to purchasing, logistics, healthcare, and electricity, for example, for the good of society as a whole.