CEO Message

Hironobu Nishikori

Hironobu Nishikori
President and Chief Executive Officer

Hironobu Nishikori

Toshiba Tec Group’s Vision

Under the corporate philosophy of “Create with You,” the Toshiba Tec Group has created new value that has adapted rapidly to the changes in the times, based on our long-held complete focus on our customers. However, to realize sustainable growth even in the increasingly uncertain times ahead, it is vital that all Group employees obtain a greater understanding of that corporate philosophy and put it into practice, and become a “solutions partner” that is close to its customers around the world.
In the Retail Solutions Business, we will be nimble in identifying changes in the global market environment in our aim to be the global top “solutions partner” in the distribution industry. Upon that basis, we will strive for the creation of new value to solve our customers’ complex problems. To build the platforms that are essential to that purpose, we will work together with a variety of partners and vigorously pursue digital transformation (DX).
In the Workplace Solutions Business, we will accelerate our shift from printing to data management and, while eyeing the creation of integrated solutions that also takes into account the Auto ID Solutions Business and the Inkjet Solutions Business, we will work to strengthen business structure across the entire business domains.

For the realization of a sustainable society

For the realization of the sustainable society represented by the SDGs, it is essential that we work toward solving not only our customers’ problems, but also the social issues underlying those problems. We will contribute to the sustainable growth of society by concentrating our efforts on the creation of solutions that will become possible precisely because we know our customers better than anyone else.

SDGs of Toshiba Tec

All employees of the Toshiba Tec Group will work together and devote their utmost efforts to achieve sustainable growth in each of our businesses and the further improvement of our corporate value.