Environmental Label and Act on Promoting Green Purchasing

We disclose information regarding many products compliant with the evaluation criteria of environmental labels and Act on Promoting Green Purchasing.

Type I Environmental Label - Labels by which third party organizations define the standards and certify

Eco Mark

Eco Mark is a Japan's environmental labeling program launched by the Japan Environment Association in 1989. The Eco Mark is attached to products which have a lower environmental impact in the stages from production to disposal, and contribute to environmental protection. Our copiers and MFPs are certified as Eco Mark products.

Eco Mark image

Overseas Environmental Labels

Our copiers and MFPs are compliant with a variety of overseas environmental labels.

the China Environmental Label, the Nordic Swan Label, Blue Angel Label and Taiwan Eco Mark

Other Environmental Label

International ENERGY STAR® Program

It certifies office automation equipment that meets certain standards of energy conservation in standby mode as ENERGY STAR compliant. This program has been implemented as an optional registration system certified by both the US and Japanese governments, since October 1995. A variety of our domestic and overseas copiers and MFPs are compliant with the ENERGY STAR Program. The International ENERGY STAR Program standards will be reviewed along with the advancement of energy-saving technologies for applicable products. Accordingly, we will proceed with product development in response to future revisions of the standards.

Image of International ENERGY STAR(R) Program

China Energy Conservation Label

This label is granted to products that comply with relevant quality and safety standards as well as achieve the highest energy efficiency in the world, compared to other products of the same category. After the Energy Conservation Law was enacted in 1998, the former State Economic and Trade Commission took the lead to establish the China Standard Certification Center (CSC), formerly the China Certification Center for Energy Conservation Products (CECP), which is the only certification organization for labeling energy efficiency products.

Our copiers and MFPs for China are compliant with the standards.

Image of China Energy Conservation Label

Act on Promoting Green Purchasing - Law Concerning the Promotion of Procurement of Eco-friendly Goods and Services by the State and Other Entities

Act on Promoting Green Purchasing

The Act on Promoting Green Purchasing was put into force in April 2001 and obliges national governmental bodies to formulate green procurement policies and to procure eco-friendly goods. In other words, the government takes the lead to promote the procurement of eco-friendly goods. We disclose information regarding copiers and MFPs compliant with the evaluation criteria of designated procurement items in brochures and websites (List of Products compliant with the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing).

This website deals with approximately 20,000 products marketed, and provides environmental information on these products. It is a comprehensive environment-related search site, allowing users to compare environmentally conscious products from different perspectives, such as products that comply with the GPN Green Purchasing Guidelines and the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing, and Eco Mark certified products, in a list format.