Toshiba Tec Corporation

TOSHIBA B-452HS(600DPI Printhead)

B-452HS(600DPI Printhead) Outstanding features of the B-452-HS Series

The B-452-HS printer is fitted with a 600 dpi printhead, the highest resolution available in the thermal transfer printer market. The high resolution print of the B-452-HS meets the market demand for small or varied print runs on demand where as conventional thermal transfer printers cannot produce images of a high enough quality for product, caution, or care labels. With the B-452-HS, TEC provides a label printing solution which can eliminate setup costs, such as those for artwork, and reduces stock control and production costs by removing the need for pre-printed labels.


  1. High print quality.
  2. TEC's original pulse control technology achieves the highest print quality of all barcode printers today.
  3. Low cost and high performance.
  4. Compact and lightweight.
  5. Super accurate print position (within 0.5mm on approved media).
  6. Dust-proof cover as standard.
  7. 5 sensor positions for various shaped labels.
  8. High resolution printing of small 2 dimension codes.
  9. Extensive range of ribbons available.


Produce high-quality graphics, logos, text and bar codes.

  1. Electronic - UL/C-UL marking labels, Standard labels, Printed Circuit Board labels, Small part labels
  2. Pharmaceutical - caution labels, Illustration and small character instruction labels
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