Toshiba Protects Information Assets

In this era of rapid change, business environments are constantly evolving, along with the applications and devices used for greater job efficiencies and informational resources using advanced networking, or IT.

On the other hand, computer hackers are increasingly ingenious, exploiting vulnerabilities on online systems. Your system may look secure today, but the smallest weakness can be exploited tomorrow with catastrophic effects.

Office networks store large amounts of valuable data such as customer information, personal employee information, and confidential company information including intellectual property. The challenge is to secure such information against cyberattacks.

Toshiba Multifunction Peripherals (MFPs) and Solution feature the fullest range of security functions to optimally protect user information:

・Device Security ・Access Security ・Document Security ・Solution Security ・Cloud Security

Device Security

Toshiba secures its MFPs from the moment of installation through their operational cycles to decommissioning. The strictest security levels are set up on installation. Then, day to day operation is protected with tamper proof firmware and self-encrypting hard drives with proprietary wipe technology. As end-of-life insurance, our MFPs must be completely data-wiped. Our users can be assured that their information is fully secure from start to finish.


Access Security

Since only the right people must have access to the right data and the right device capabilities, Toshiba offers the fullest control, management and monitoring of MFP access. User authentication and card authentication prevent unauthorized access and data leaks. Activity logs and real-time notifications optimize management and monitoring as well.

Document Security

Printed, copied, scanned or faxed documents have different security risks. Functions such as secure printing, document encryption, and FAX/IP-FAX missending prevention eliminate vulnerabilities in each case, allowing the user to handle documents and transfer them without worry—protecting their information at every step.


Solution Security

Whether you are an SMB with two devices, or an enterprise with hundreds, we know you want to be able to set, apply and manage security policies with ease and consistency across your organization. Our fleet solution manages your fleet security concerns with a cloud-based application no matter what your fleet size is. Also our cloud-based secure print solution realize your secure print environment.

Cloud Security

Our cloud solutions are hosted on leading cloud platforms such as Microsoft® Azure® or Amazon Web ServicesTM (AWS). And to further safeguard privacy and security, we also ensure communication between the MFP and our cloud server uses the most up-to-date security protocols and encryption.


Security Certifications / Third Party Evaluation

Toshiba MFPs are certified according to international standards, ISO/IEC15408 for the design and management of IT security.

Click here for the Common Criteria (ISO/IEC15408) certified product list.


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