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Chrome OS native print

Network printing from Chrome OS supporting Common UNIX Printing Systems (CUPS).

For details, please refer to the following page.>>

CUPS can be configured through Chrome OS management console.
CUPS enables printing on network printers with Internet Printing Protocol (IPP).

Simple operating procedures

  • (1) Open Settings on your Chromebook.image1
  • (2) Open "Advanced".image2
  • (3) Click "Printer"image3
  • (4) Select a printer to print to.(You may have to wait about two minutes for the printer to show up.)image4
  • (5) Open the file you want to print on your Chromebook and select "Print".image5
  • (6) Select "More..." in " Destination" in the settingsimage6
  • (7) Select the printer you added in step 4image7
  • (8) Set the print settings and click the "Print" button.image8

※Procedures (1)-(4) are only required for the first time for each printer.

- Please refer to Chromebook support page for operating and setting procedures on Chromebook.
- Authentication printing function is not supported.