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Kiosk Applications - Payment Kiosk

Payment Kiosk


What is Payment Kiosk?

Kiosk terminal also plays a powerful role at many public space. Instead of traditional
Check-in and Check-out process at front desk, Kiosk terminal offers travelers quicker and simpler service, including giving them necessary information on demand. Again thanks to the face recognition system, Kiosk terminal can offer the most appropriate
service, fitting on each individual personnel. In addition, instead of going to hotel business center, any printing needs and IT communications can be also preceded through the Kiosk terminal.

•POS Integration
•Loyalty Card Management
•Pre-paid voucher sales
•Financial Service quotes
•HR Administration - forms, pay slip


Kiosk system is easy-to-use, flexible, and provide a product or service at low cost, with minimal wait time. It provides create high customer satisfaction and incentive to return in the future.
User interface is the most important feature of kiosk, it can be visually appealing, attracting customer, easy to use, and interactive operation. There are not sales person and staff, then it provides all service on behalf of them.

Customer benefits

Kiosk provides a service or merchandise sale to customers anytime anywhere. Kiosks are usually located in common areas, such as retail stores, shopping malls, office, government, and many other public locations.

•Guidance of a store and the product which a customer wants
•More detailed product and service explanation
•Recommend a product matching a customer
•Customer order of a product and the service by themselves
•Realization of the effective sales promotion that is new by interactive media
•Improvement of the operation of the employee of the shop
•The turnover of the customer is sales up for improvement
•Reduction of the sale chance loss
•Waste disappears by reasonable employee placement

We propose suitable improvement for your shop!