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1. Wide range of drop volume

Unique technology of jetting multiple drops onto a single dot creates wide range of grayscale with minimum 6 pl to maximum 90 pl (15 drops) per dot.

Compared with conventional binary inkjet heads, it is more suitable to express smooth density gradation from light to dark for various industrial printing.

Wide range of drop volume
Print sample with OHP sheet

2. Higher driving frequency(especially at small drops)

CA4 realizes 28KHz at 1drop (6pL) mode, which is twice as fast as the existing CA3 using the same interface.

It is 6.2KHz for 7drop mode (42pL), 30% faster than CA3. Its linear speed is 35 m/min at (6pl, 1200dpi) mode and 31m/min at (42pl, 300dpi) mode, suitable for high productive industrial application.

Higher driving frequency(especially at small drops)

Note 1: Data transfer mode is different in 15KHz or more.
Note 2: Driving frequency in CA3's 1-6drop is a referenece value.
Note 3: Above data is based upon TOSHIBA TEC's internal test result. Optimized driving frequency may vary depending upon the ink to be used.

3. Excellent dot placement accuracy

Paper feed

Accurate dot placement is achievable with excellent piezo process and jetting control technology

1)For a single pass type application;
  • realize higher print speed
  • realize wider swath by assembling multiple heads into a wider array

2)For a scanning type application;
  • improved throughput by reducing the number of scanning
  • further improvement in printing speed by adding more printheads per color

4. UV curable and Oil based pigment ink compatible

TOSHIBA TEC's inkjet head is compatible with both UV curable and oil based pigment inks.

  • Oil based pigment ink is quick-drying, and suitable for a high-speed application with absorptive substrates required.
  • UV curable ink is fit with non-absorptive substrates, and suitable for various industrial applications.

Aqueous ink, solvent ink and other special types of ink needs testing with printheads.
Please consult with TOSHIBA TEC in case those type of inks are required for your application.

5. Stable jetting with water circulation thermal control

High viscosity ink jetting

CA heads are equipped with a chassis with a water channel and water ports. Circulating thermal controlled water in the chassis creates uniform temperature distribution in the printhead. It allows more stable jetting performance.


Print Method On demand piezo method
Printable Area 53.6mm
Number of channels 318/head
Resolution / Channel pitch 150dpi/169 μm
Gradation Multiple drops
GrayScale 8-levels(Standard)
Drop Volume 6-90pl
Maximum Dot Frequency 28.0KHz(1drop)
Linear Speed 31m/min@7drops, 300dpi
35m/min@1drop, 1200dpi
Head Driving Voltage 14-31V
Curcuit Driving Voltage 39.0V
Ink* Oil based pigment ink / UV curable pigment ink
Weight 148g
Dimension 85(W)×70(D)×23(H)mm
Cover Yes
Chassis Ceramic chassis with water channel

Notes:Phrase in parentheses is a reference value.

  • Design and specifications subject to change without notice.
  • * Some ink may damage printheads depending upon the chemical used.
    It is recommended that material compatibility test be carried out before use to obtain optimum print performance of the printheads.

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