Vision 2050

As a member of Toshiba Group, we have developed Environmental Vision 2050, a corporate vision that envisages "People leading rich lifestyles in harmony with the Earth" as an ideal situation in 2050, and will work to realize this vision. Throughout the life cycle of products from manufacture and use to recycling and reuse, we will strive to provide safer and more comfortable lifestyles and create enriched value for customers. We will also strive for harmony with the Earth by working to mitigate climate change, using resources efficiently, and managing chemicals properly in order to reduce environmental impact.

Promotion of Three Greens based on Environmental Vision 2050

We, Toshiba Tec Group as a reliable partner, are promoting activities based on Toshiba Group's Environmental Vision 2050 aimed at realizing a world where people can lead affluent lives in harmony with the Earth.

Based on the following three Greens and Sustainability as a concept, we will focus on reducing the environmental impact in every product and business activity to proceed from the perspectives of mitigation of climate change, efficient use of resources and management of chemicals. We will also contribute to the realization of a de-carbonized society, recycle oriented society and coexisting with nature society, as well as the achievement of SDGs, such as climate change and sustainable consumption and production.


* Toshiba Group's Environmental Vision 2050

Implementation of measures with 3 Greens and Sustainability