Toshiba Tec Group works on compliance activities while thoroughly observing laws and regulations, internal rules, and social customs on a global basis.

Fostering Compliance-conscious Culture

To foster high ethics and law-abiding awareness in each employee, we fully disseminate our Group Standards of Conduct and provide compliance education on a variety of themes and workplace meetings on CSR.

Dissemination of Toshiba Tec Group Standards of Conduct

We prepared Toshiba Tec Group Standards of Conduct in 13 languages and distributed brochures to every employee of Toshiba Tec and its domestic and overseas group companies. We also provide e-learning-based education to ensure thorough dissemination of information.

Compliance education

We provide every executive and employee with e-learning while also holding educational seminars intended for specific employees, such as legal education for business groups and education for employees to be stationed abroad.


e-learning programs for every executive and employee

•Standards of Conduct •Subcontract Act •Antitrust Law •Anti-Bribery •Timely Disclosure •Accounting Compliance •Harassment •Mental Health •Work-style Innovation (WSI) •Customer Satisfaction •Environment •Information Security and Personal Data Protection •Electrical Safety Law •Export Control •Engineering Ethics •Product Security, etc.


Workplace meetings on CSR

To create a positive workplace atmosphere through discussions, we develop compliance awareness in each employee, establish this as the corporate culture, and hold CSR meetings in each workplace.

In these meetings, the managers and their subordinates discuss various issues which may occur in the workplace and share opinions. The goal of the meetings is to create a frank and openminded work environment as well as to prevent compliance violations.