We have been running the special feature on the SDGs, “Find out! Learn! Put into Action! the SDGs” on Toshiba Tec Group’s communication site, HARMONY.
It covers general information and messages about the SDGs, as well as some of Toshiba Tec Group’s real initiatives. It is presented as a manga set in an average Japanese company, which conveys information on the broad topic of the SDGs in an easy-to-understand manner, followed by a column that introduces the group’s efforts. It is helping to improve group employees’ awareness of the SDGs.

Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd.’s “SDGs Mirai Kaigi” is a project that aims to help create a better future for 2030 and beyond by getting the children and adults who will be responsible for it to learn about global issues and to take action.
Part of the project is their “Future Classroom: Our SDGs Exploration Book” which can be used as a teaching material for elementary, junior high, and high school classes, and includes an article on our company’s SDG-related initiatives.