December 4, 2020

On-Site Lessons at Shinjuku Yotsuya Elementary School

We provide on-site lessons as part of our CSR activities at Toshiba Tec Group. In contrast to standard lessons given by teachers using textbooks, companies go to elementary and junior high schools to give lectures to the students.
In January 2020, we gave a lecture to fifth graders at Shinjuku Yotsuya Elementary School in Tokyo.

Fifth graders studying “Information” in their social studies classes are learning about what kind of information is being used around the world with a particular focus on convenience stores. Based on this syllabus, teachers asked us to talk about topics such as how POS systems are used in many other areas related to the retail industry in addition to convenience stores, and about how all the information collected by them is used. We developed a program in response to this request, and subsequently gave a lecture.

These days, almost all products have barcodes. We explained that there is meaning hidden in the barcodes, and exactly how they work. We also got everyone to look closely at the codes for themselves. We then talked about how we are able to provide useful services to manufacturers and customers by analyzing accumulated product and customer information.
In the second half, we explained how information collected at the POS is used and how it will change in the future using cinematic footage from our exhibition at the Retailtech Japan trade show, and finally, we gave everyone the opportunity to try using the checkouts for themselves. All the children got thoroughly involved in the experience, and seemed to really enjoy learning about how the information that surrounds us in our daily lives is used.

We will continue on-site lessons as a part of our group’s CSR activities.

Experiencing real checkouts for themselves
Finding out how barcodes work