CSR Management of Toshiba Tec

While positioning CSR at the core of management, we are conducting business activities to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by giving top priority to human life, safety and compliance, as well as contributing to solving problems in global society through business. We recognize the support from a number of stakeholders around the world, including customers, suppliers, employees, communities, shareholders and investors, as well as encourage our Group employees to practice CSR activities based on our corporate philosophy "Our Five Commitments" and "Toshiba Tec Group Standards of Conduct"

Contributing to the realization of a sustainable society

Our Five Commitments -Corporate Philosophy of Toshiba Tec Group-

"Monozukuri" creating our products with pride and passion.
Keeping our customers in mind all the time and everywhere.

  • IconWe aim to provide timely products and services with reliable quality and functions as well as high user-friendliness, creating value with our customer in mind through our superior proprietary technology and in collaboration with the world's best partners.
  • IconWe want to foster an open and healthy corporate culture in which a strong professional team may tirelessly seek new challenges, by respecting the individuality of each employee, striving to promote each one’s abilities, and implementing a fair and appropriate system of evaluation and rewards.
  • IconWe seek to contribute toward the development of a global society as a good corporate citizen, law-abiding and ethical, by fulfilling our responsibilities toward each country and community in which we operate and respecting local culture and history.
  • IconWe put concern for the environment as a priority in all our business activities so as to protect people’s safety and health as well as the world's natural resources.
  • IconWe endeavor to maximize our corporate value, and on the basis of sound and transparent management, we strive to achieve appropriate profits and reserves, constantly seek to implement management innovation and energetically invest in research and development, among others, in order to meet the expectations of our shareholders.

Toshiba Tec Group Standards of Conduct

The "Toshiba Tec Group Standards of Conduct" have been established as a course of action for the company to bring the corporate philosophy into shape, conduct business activities with fairness, integrity and a high transparency, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
Each and every executive and employee of Toshiba Tec Group should comply with the "Toshiba Tec Group Standards of Conduct" and strive to operate a sound and high quality business as a part of a global enterprise which emphasizes a balance between the environment, human rights and local communities under the principle of giving the highest priority to life, safety and compliance with laws, regulations, social standards and ethics.

* Established in 1990, revised in 2014

  1. Human Rights
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. Procurement
  4. Production and Technology, Quality Assurance
  5. Marketing and Sales
  6. Competition Law and Government Transactions
  7. Bribery
  8. Environment
  9. Export Control
  10. Antisocial Groups
  11. Engineering Ethics
  12. Intellectual Property Rights
  13. Accounting
  14. Corporate Communications
  15. Advertising
  16. Workplace
  17. Information Security
  18. Company Assets and Conflicts of Interest
  19. Community Relations

Organization of CSR Management

In 2004, Toshiba Tec Group established a "CSR Promotion Center" as an organization to promote CSR, and has been improving the promotion structure since then. We are conducting activities in cooperation with CSR-related divisions, such as Human Resources, Environment and Procurement, in order to root CSR as the corporate culture on the premise of "Compliance" to abide by corporate ethics, laws and regulations. We also appoint persons in charge of CSR promotion at domestic and overseas group companies to conduct CSR activities.