Technology for every workplace delivering advanced functionality, ease of use and peace of mind.

Every business is unique. That’s why Toshiba offers the latest customizable solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs. Toshiba solutions help you simplify complex tasks while managing diverse informationefficiently and safely to maximize your productivity.

Toshiba’s latest series delivers on our promise of Together Information—our commitment to collaborate with clients to provide tailored, cost-effective solutions that meet your print, document management and content needs while helping you to meet your green objectives.

Technology for every workplace

Combining proprietary technologies and know-how, Toshiba delivers high functionality, usability, and reliability for every workplace. We have a varied lineup of Multifunction Peripherals (MFPs) compatible with customer work content and space in various industries, providing solutions that meet individual needs.



Logistics / Manufacturing

customizable solutions

Toshiba believes that MFPs must be customizable to meet the individual needs of businesses and optimize solutions for customers, allowing them to make the best use of diverse ideas and information. Customizable solutions maximize productivity in the widest variety of workplaces: they improve ease of use, facilitate collaboration through cloud services and enhance security and other functions.

simplify complex tasks

The multi-touch screen is easier to use, improving visualization: you can customize the user interface and operation settings. The new e-BRIDGE Next series improves productively by allowing you to change the arrangement and size of icons for intuitive and precise selection of functions. It is a simpler user interface that streamlines the most complex tasks.

Simple Screen with favorite

Customizable screen for
logistical tasks

Easier access to frequently
used functions

managing diverse information

By linking your MFP to the Cloud or to mobile devices, you can manage enormous amounts of diverse data more efficiently. The new series is compatible with various applications that support specific needs.

efficiently and safely to maximize your productivity

The new series fulfills the highest security standards to protect your data and control access. Ironclad control over documents, devices and access is ensured without any loss of efficiency and productivity. Security? Our new systems have it all.

green objectives

Toshiba harmonizes environmental management with business productivity. We reduce the burden on the environment by offering ecologically friendly products.

The e-BRIDGE Plus for Green Information app allows you to track environmental data from your MFPs.

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