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The Toshiba Hybrid MFP is ecologically responsible. Reusing paper means less paper has to be manufactured—reducing CO2. Fewer trees have to be cut and less water used. It is environmentally friendly and benefits the entire ecology.
Paper reuse
CO2 Reduction


Office users typically print documents and dispose of them as waste within a week. The Toshiba Hybrid MFP allows users to erase documents and reuse the paper over and over again, saving the cost of buying new paper and the cost of disposal and also reduce the need for office storage space.
Paper reuse
COST Reduction


This MFP is designed to optimize conventional office workflows. However, it also offers a new way of working. You can now erase documents and reuse the paper in addition to digitizing documents and copying, printing, faxing and scanning with full mobile and Cloud service integration.
Hybrid MFP that leaves nothing out from your office
The world's first monochrome MFP with erasable print function.
Offers conventional monochrome MFP copy, print, scan, fax, finishing and security from mobile devices and the like.
Advanced additional features include an erasable toner option. Output format is easily selectable; black toner for permanent print, and erasable blue toner for reusable printing. With the Toshiba Hybrid MFP, you can print using both black and erasable blue toner.
You can also use the device to erase blue print. The optional paper reusing device, the e-STUDIO RD301, automatically sorts which paper can be reused and simultaneously scan as you erase.
Connect, Integrate, Simplify, and Reuse.
Toshiba’s hybrid technology combines conventional printing with erasable printing which allows you to reuse paper over and over again.
One single device which easily connects, integrates, and simplifies your workflows – and also helps to save valuable resources. At Toshiba, we are dedicated to serving our customers and committed to the future of our planet on our promise of Together Information.
Black and White has never been this Green.
Together Information

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