Cyber attack on European subsidiaries of the Toshiba Tec Group

May 14, 2021
Toshiba Tec Corporation

It was confirmed that European subsidiaries of the Toshiba Tec Group companies suffered from the damage of cyber attack. (“the damage”).

After discovering the damage, the Toshiba Tec Group (“the group”) immediately reported to the authorities concerned in Europe. The group also took actions to stop the networks and systems operating between Japan and Europe as well as those operating among European subsidiaries with the aim of preventing the spread of damage while deploying recovery measures sequentially once effective data backup has been completed. In addition, the group is proceeding to identify the content and extent of the possible damage through conducting investigations by the outside specialized organization.

According to the investigation, the extent of impact has been limited to some regions in Europe and we have not yet confirmed a fact that customer related information was leaked externally.

As far as the investigation result shows, the group recognizes that it is possible that some information and data may have been leaked by the criminal gang, we will continue to conduct further investigation in cooperation with external specialized organization to grasp the details.

Although the group has been steadily implementing information security measures, the group will further enhance securtity measures to ensure protecting the information of our customers and employees. Going forward, the group is determined to resolve the problem by closely cooperating with the relevant authorities in Europe.