Toshiba Multifunction Peripherals' Outstanding Environmental Performance Achieve Excellent ECP Elite Certification

August 30, 2016
Toshiba Tec Corporation

Toshiba Tec Corporation (TOKYO: 6588) announced today that all of its newly-engineered multifunction peripherals (MFPs): the e-STUDIO2500AC series, e-STUDIO5005AC series, e-STUDIO7506AC series, e-STUDIO5008A series, and e-STUDIO8508A series, have attained Toshiba' s elite certification, the Excellent ECP (Environmentally Conscious Product) which is awarded only to the products achieving the highest level of environmental performance in the industry1. This marks the first time for an entire Toshiba Tec line to achieve such an accomplishment.

Toshiba Tec has been promoting environmental initiatives under its own environmental policy: Green Product, Green Process, and Green Management. Green product is the core of its policy, and three approaches, which include the mitigation of climate change, efficient use of resources, and management of chemicals, are taken. Certifying the Excellent ECP is the result of this process.

All new Toshiba products are certified as ECPs which require products attain a high level of environmental performance. This entails products meeting the rigid Energy Star and RoHS program specifications, recycled plastic use, Halogen and PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)-free materials and reduced product weight and/or footprint. To gain the Excellent ECP certification, the products also need to address a series of “eco-targets,” Toshiba’s stringent benchmark for its products to reach top-level environmental performance in the industry1.

Toshiba' s five new MFP series needed to improve TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) value2, footprint, and usage ratio of recycled materials to attain Excellent ECP status. To reduce the TEC value Toshiba Tec used its industry-leading low temperature fixing toner and IH (Induction Heating) fusing system3. Reducing recovery time from sleep mode by as much as 79% - in comparison to conventional products – results in further energy savings4. Minimizing the footprint by reducing the number of parts and amount of material, and increasing the usage ratio of recycled plastic to maximum 18.7%5 will also achieve resource savings.

Achieving these "eco-targets" promotes environmental protection while facilitating easy and efficient use.

"We are pleased that all of our new MFP series have been certified as Excellent ECP, and we are confident that our products are eco conscious. And at the same time, we believe these ecologically-oriented features will benefit our customers. As one of the world' s foremost eco-conscious companies, we will continue to meet the strict ecological standard to attain Excellent ECP certification for all of our products," says Isao Sugehara, Chief Marketing Executive of Printing Solutions Business Group.

For rich value creation and global environmental harmony Toshiba Tec works to help provide enriching lives for people in harmony with the environment.

ABBYY is a leading provider of optical character recognition (OCR). The integration of ABBYY's FineReader Engine with Toshiba MFPs enables business users to simply convert scanned documents and images into editable, searchable text, while preserving the layout and formatting of the original document. As a result, users may now complete OCR tasks just as easily as other standard functions.

The inclusion of Intel's E3800 Atom processor heightens the overall performance and productivity of Toshiba MFPs by delivering faster document capture and output, improving energy efficiency, and the capability to run more complex applications that integrate with customer's business workflows.

With the inclusion of Toshiba's e-BRIDGE Next, creating, sharing and managing information have never been easier than it is today. The adoption of ABBYY and Intel technology in Toshiba Tec's just-launched MFP line will definitively bolster performance and ease-of-use while offering customers a more powerful user experience.

* Together Information is Toshiba Tec Printing Solution's vision of how people and organizations create, record, share, manage and display ideas and data.

1 At the time of release
2 TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) value: It is the standard for conformance with the international ENERGY STAR Program. It refers to the amount of electricity, typically consumed in one week (Wh) by office equipment.
3 Surveyed by Toshiba Tec: Comparison of competitor' s toner under the same condition.
4 Color MFP comparison (e-STUDIO6560 vs. e-STUDIO6506AC)
5 Monochrome MFP (e-STUDIO8508A). The usage ratio of recycled plastic is calculated based on Toshiba Tec' s original standard.

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