The sample delivery of new 600 dpi ink recirculating inkjet printhead "CF3" has started

July 15, 2016
Toshiba Tec Corporation

Inkjet printhead "CF3"

Toshiba Tec Corporation has started to deliver samples of its new industrial inkjet printhead "CF3", which doubles the print resolution of existing models.

The "CF3" inkjet printhead causes ink to circulate near the nozzles. This ink recirculating structure makes it possible to recover automatically from misfiring caused by air bubbles and other particles around the nozzles. It also has the merit of stable firing of ink that includes elements that easily sediment such as high gravity pigments. Moreover, the "CF3" doubles its resolution to 600 dpi, which is twice of that of our existing models. In addition, the "CF3" features Toshiba Tec ’s inkjet printhead multi-drop mode that results in high print quality and ink drop placement accuracy. The "CF3" can also print in 2 colors at 300 dpi, which increases printing options for the customer.

With its 600 dpi resolution and ink recirculating structure, the "CF3" inkjet printhead can be used for various applications such as signs and graphics, roll-to-roll printing of business forms, labels and packages, and contribute to the expansion of industrial inkjet printing.

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