Toshiba Tec delivers intelligent in-store shopping experience at New York's Katagiri Grocery store
The oldest Japanese grocery store in the US opens road to new Toshiba business opportunities

May 7, 2014

Toshiba Tec Corporation

Tucked away on a quiet street on the boundary between Midtown and the Upper East Side of New York, Katagiri was founded by immigrant brothers Tomohiro and Yoshio Katagiri in 1907.

Today, the grocery store is a well-known fixture in NY with a wide variety of imported, packaged Japanese foods, such as Udon, miso and rice seasonings as well as canned and bottled staples. Customers have a fine choice of a selection of small but exquisite pieces of fish, a variety of soy products, edamame, frozen noodles and dumpling skins. Fresh vegetables are also available.

Nabe Labo connected well with Katagiri, and after fruitful discussions, Toshiba Tec and Katagiri decided to offer additional Japanese recipe information to their customers (Japanese and non-Japanese alike). Toshiba Tec 's 32” storefront display is the first step in the campaign to convince more customers to shop at Katagiri, and learn how to prepare healthy Japanese meals at home.

For starters, over 20 different Healthy Hot Pot recipes are displayed on the digital signage monitor in close collaboration with major Japanese food manufacturers, such as Mizkan Holdings Co., Ltd., Kikkoman Corporation, House Foods America Corporation, and Kibun Foods, Inc. The campaign will run for two months after which a new recipe offering will be suggested to customers keen on healthy Japanese cuisine.

Toshiba Tec 's digital signage solution allows the consumer looking for healthy Japanese cuisine to search for a dish of their interest from the menu on the touch panel. Once the dish of their interest is selected, a list of ingredients with instructions of how to prepare the dish will be printed to assist the consumer to shop for the necessary ingredients smoothly inside the store.

The digital signage solution at Katagiri includes a printer and the 32" color touch screen.

For this solution, Toshiba Tec will lease the hardware to Katagiri, and receive advertising revenue from the food manufacturers.

Toshiba Tec is aiming to close 50 similar deals this year in North America.

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About Nabe Labo

Nabe Labo was established in January 2013 as Limited Liability Partnership. Nabe Labo is providing food culture of Japan starting with Nabe meaning Japanese Hot Pot in the world, and to spread health, communication, ecology, and organizations to help to appeal the goodness of the product of Japan to the world.
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Business contents:

  • To provide food culture of Japan to the world
  • To spread "health", "communication" and "ecology" in the world
  • To encourage to be able to re-recognize the goodness of Japanese food culture in Japan.
  • To encourage to be able to reaffirm the goodness of the food culture of Japan to the world
  • To study to become society where the world is easy to live by a better food
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