A Continued Commitment to Security
Note about the security of your Toshiba Tec Multi-Functional Peripheral (MFP)

Dec 27, 2013
Update:Jan 06, 2014
Update:Apr 18, 2014
Toshiba Tec Corporation

Dear Customer,

Thank you for purchasing our products. To fully enjoy the benefits of the Toshiba Tec MFP products, please read and understand the important information here below:

Today, every device operating in an increasingly networked and Internet-connected offices require a set of security capabilities – independent of the size of the company using such devices. We therefore like to inform our customers about the basic requirements for safely using networked IT systems, including MFP systems.

Toshiba Tec advises customers worldwide that using an MFP in a secure network environment requires suitable security settings including installing a firewall to prevent unauthorized access.

In addition, we offer the following security advice. Please read these instructions carefully:

  1. Change your administrator password at regular intervals
    This will allow a higher security level against unauthorized access.
  2. Install the IP filtering function
    This feature restricts access to information on the MFP; such as e.g. the address book and shared files, by restricting client access to the MFP.
  3. Restrict file sharing
    When using the scanning function, specify the destination folder set by the security setting.

* Regarding the correct installation procedure, please read the "TopAccess Guide".
* For security purposes, do not access any other site while you are logged in to TopAccess.

When setting the user authentication feature, user access can be restricted to certain types of information such as for example the address book. Regarding more detailed setting procedures, please contact your nearest Toshiba Tec sales representative or service technician.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Toshiba Tec MFP products! We hope you enjoy this product as we enjoyed making it! We strive to make people at the center of all our products. This message is to raise awareness about the importance of staying in control of the information flow at your company.