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Printer Setting Tool

Last modified August 10, 2018

These Setting tools are only for use with TEC PRINTERS. Toshiba TEC and its subsidiaries cannot take any responsibility for damage caused by the use of these Setting tools.

Barcode Printer

  • B-EX4 Series

    B-EX4 Series

    Introducing the B-EX series - a premium range of industrial printers for a wide variety of applications with a mid-range price tag, enhanced performance, serviceability and truly green credentials.

  • B-EX6 Series

    B-EV4 Series

    B-EX6T1 & T3 printing solutions feature high quality and economical industrial products which deliver low running costs and total costs of ownership. Free your business from the constraints of legacy systems, simply plug and play with Toshib aB-EX6T1 & T3 industrial solutions.

  • B-EV4 Series

    B-EV4 Series

    For fast, on-demand labeling and ticketing direct from your desktop, look no further than the trustworthy B-EV4 range from Toshiba.
    With market-leading features, exceptional build quality and reliability, produce professional labels quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

  • B-FV4 series

    B-FV4 Series

    The B-FV4 desktop printer series can seamlessly integrate into existing systems, whatever the specification or printing requirement.
    Designed to be compact, stylish and unobtrusive, yet powerful and flexible for any environment and application - one size really does fit all!

    • B-FP Series

      B-EP Series

      Compact and rugged range of mobile 3-inch receipt printers. Robust and durable; designed for the user, with easy operation, full color display and the flexibility to operate in the most diverse working environments.

    • B-EP Series

      B-EP Series

      Compact and stylish, the cool black EP range of 2 and 4 inch portable thermal printers is the ultimate in wireless functionality and reliability on the move.