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Google Cloud Print


Updated information: Google announced that Google Cloud Print™ will no longer be supported as 31st December, 2020. See more details >>


Use Google Cloud Print™ to send print commands via the Internet from anywhere at any time.


In order to make our e-BRIDGE Next MFPs work with Google Cloud Print™, please install the e-BRIDGE Plus for Google Cloud Print™ application in advance. 

What is Google Cloud Print™?

Google Cloud Print™ is a service provided by Google.
It makes it possible to print over the internet from applications and services compatible with Google Cloud Print™, using MFPs that support the service, without installing a print driver on your PC, Chromebook, or Android or iOS wireless device.
You can also make Toshiba's e-STUDIO series compatible with Google Cloud Print™ by installing e-BRIDGE Plus for Google Cloud Print™.

Sample Uses

  • Print cloud documents from a smartphone without using a PC.
  • Print from an MFP over the Internet even while at an outside branch or office.
  • Issue a print command while in transit and then collect the printed documents when you arrive.

*To use the service, it is necessary to register a Google account, and register MFPs connected to the Internet with the Google Cloud Print™ service.

GCP Web_06_0.png

Simple operating procedures (when printing from Google Drive on a smartphone)

Selct a file to be printed
Touch the Menu button
Scroll the menu
Select "Print"
Touch the Print button
Set the print options as required
Touch the Print button

Google Cloud Print™ Compatible Toshiba Printing Device

Color MFPs

e-STUDIO2500AC series

  • e-STUDIO2500AC
  • e-STUDIO2000AC

e-STUDIO5005AC series

  • e-STUDIO5005AC
  • e-STUDIO4505AC
  • e-STUDIO3505AC
  • e-STUDIO3005AC
  • e-STUDIO2505AC

e-STUDIO7506AC series

  • e-STUDIO7506AC
  • e-STUDIO6506AC
  • e-STUDIO5506AC

Monochrome MFPs

e-STUDIO5008A series

  • e-STUDIO5008A
  • e-STUDIO4508A
  • e-STUDIO3508A
  • e-STUDIO3008A
  • e-STUDIO2508A
  • e-STUDIO2008A

e-STUDIO8508A series

  • e-STUDIO8508A
  • e-STUDIO7508A
  • e-STUDIO6508A
  • e-STUDIO5508A